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Ars Academy is a partner of the UNIDEE Academy’s project

Ars Academy is a partner of the UNIDEE Academy‘s project Ars Academy...

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Ars Academy follows the Leica Akademie Project

Ars Academy follows the Leica Akademie Project by designing the study plan...

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Francesco Monico is a consultant for the Experimental Center of Cinema in Rome (CSC)

Ars Academy, in the figure of his partner Francesco Monico, is a...

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Avvio della Scuola Media Design e Arti Multimediali. Ars Academy per Accademia Costume e Moda

Ars Academy ha avviato la Scuola di Media Design & Arti Multimediali con...

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Ars Academy e Fondazione Pistoletto per Accademia del Terzo Paradiso

Nella figura del suo Senior Partner, Francesco Monico, Ars Academy Research, è al...

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Patrizia Moschella insignita del Phd Dottorale presso il T-Node Planetary Collegium

Patrizia Moschella, ricercatore Planetary Collegium T-Node e coordinatrice delle Triennali NABA di...

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Ars Academy Research @ Pordenone Design Week 2018

Ars Academy Research takes part in the Pordenone Design Week 2018. The...

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Resistere alla riduzione: un manifesto

di Joichi Ito – Traduzione in italiano di Francesco Monico | Pubblicato su...

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STARTS Symposium BOZAR 22-23 June 2015

Ars Academy will be presenting and discussing on How the Arts can...

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The Undivided Mind / Planetary Collegium Summer Session @ Plymouth

Ars Academy is glad to announce the Ph.D Planetary Collegium T-Node Summer...

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Ars Academy @ UNIDEE – City Art Foundation Pistoletto

Ars Academy Research presents UNIDEE – University of Ideas is a multifaceted platform offering an educational...

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Planetary Collegium Composite Session / Spring 2015 @ Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture, with T-Node and CAiiA

Planetary Collegium I-Node based JOINED PHD RESEARCH SESSION, with T-Node and CAiiA at...

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Antonio Caronia Symposium @ Fine Art Academy of Brera, Milan

Ars Academy Research is glad to announce a Two-Days Symposium on the...

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T-Node Ph.D. Plymouth University | Grant 2015-2016

To mark the 10th anniversary of the Planetary Collegium T-Node (formerly M-Node), with...

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PhD award to (M)T-Node researcher Jurgen Faust

We are proud to report that Jurgen Faust of (M)T-Node has been...

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